The Bruner Foundation invests in programs that promote innovative thinking about complex social issues and foster meaningful change.

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The Bruner Foundation promotes innovative thinking about complex social issues and fosters meaningful change. Established in 1963 by Rudy Bruner and his wife Martha, it has influenced policy and practices over its history in health care delivery, holocaust studies, education, and non-profit evaluation, and broadened understanding of urban excellence and development in American cities.

The Bruner Foundation was founded to create opportunity for others and to inspire meaningful social change.

The foundation currently operates three programs: The Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence, a national design award that recognizes transformative urban places distinguished by their economic and social contributions to America’s cities; the Bruner Loeb Forum, a partnership between the Rudy Bruner Award and the Harvard Loeb Fellowship that advances creative thinking about placemaking in American cities; and Evaluative Thinking (formerly Effectiveness Initiatives), which creates and shares new methods for improving the evaluation and effectiveness of non-profit service delivery.

The Bruner Foundation invests its resources in its programs rather than active grant making. We regret that we cannot accept or consider unsolicited inquiries or proposals.

History of the Foundation